Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Logos, Ethos, Pathos

In class we were given the assignment to find pictures that appealed to the rhetorical conventions pathos, ethos, logos. I tried to use pictures I liked from my last post because I put a lot of time into finding them and we haven't used them yet.

This first picture is an appeal to logos. The picture shows how pretty sister missionary's can be and how mind blindingly ugly elders are and thus the importance that sister go on missions so people aren't scared of LDS representatives. 
I received a lot of negative critique from female viewers. The said the elder on the bottom left with the orange watch is actually quite attractive and so I have decided to do another picture with an appeal using logos.

This next picture can also be controversially considered logos. The picture of the twin towers on fire as a result of terrorists crashing an American passenger plan into them, call the audience to justifiable action. It is justifiable because Americans ( the audience the news article was shown to) understand American policy is "Carry a big stick."  It is agreeable to maintain that policy that after someone attacks the US that we should retaliate in order to maintain the idea in the worlds mind that the US will not be attacked without some type of collateral damage. An attack from some outside country or civilization is considered an act of war.

I say its controversial because seeing the destruction also brings an emotional appeal because it brings feelings that we need to retaliate. Retaliation is an emotion response and ofttimes brings incorrect and unreliable actions because a lack of sound judgement. The lack of sound judgement because when a person is upset they don't think about consequences but only response to the action that caused the offense. However I feel that the picture is foremost logos because of the nature of American policy and American ideals. To ensure that policy Truman had established that lead to American superiority, America would reasonably need to go to war if attacked. The picture gives a logical argument to have an emotional response. 

The picture could also be an appeal to ethos in that it appeals to American policy or character or guiding beliefs. However for this class we will stick with the original. It is understood a picture that uses just Logos could have been found but I feel this picture had a great impact on American history so it was used.

The next picture can be considered an appeal to ethos. The picture we an advertisement for cigarettes. The figure smoking is in a place that is considered to be inhabited by the popular thus saying he is popular. He has a popular car and an attractive women also shown with him. This figure is also wearing aesthetically pleasing clothes and has a cigarette to top it off. The advertisement is trying to build the identity of the product by connecting it to other popular things. By building the character of the product people could connect popularity to cigarettes and be motivated to purchase them.

The last picture is an advertisement for a movie.  The figure in the picture is part machine, has a laser sword, and their is a space ship in the back ground that can destroy entire planets.The character Darth Vader, is positioned in front of a hostile environment. All these elements are hostile and destructive and so a person cant help but feel uneasy when viewing the picture. That fear gives the feeling of unknown. People naturally want resolve so the feeling of unknown would motivate audiences to understand the events that would create that resolve in the end. 

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